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"Our Strahl glasses are almost indestructible...had them at least 10-15 years. I've found if they do get cloudy with hard water or dishwasher scum, I get the dishwasher powder additive that is basically Vitamin C in powder form, Lemon Sparkle, or something like that, and the polycarbonate clears up perfectly. Good as new! They make perfect gifts too!"

Susan, Irvine, CA
May, 2015
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"After having my Strahl Glassware Tumblers for over 20 years and losing several pieces I decided it was time to order more. This is part of our 20+ year old set of Strahl glassware that I just took out of the cupboard. There was no spiffing it up for the camera, so you see it scratches and all but after 20 years I can’t think of any other glass on the market that would have lasted as long. I'm happy to have you include my written appreciation of this remarkable line of products with anyone who will listen! Glad to have found it still being manufactured and plan on having 20 more years with our new set. Thank you Robert. So this is what 20 year old plus Strahl looks like...

20 year old strahl

Catherine, Paradise Valley, AZ
Mar, 2015

"My main concern was how the misters would affect our elaborate TV & Video system. I'm happy to say they cool the air but have had no effect on our TV's"

Gary Miller, Round-Up Saloon Dallas, TX

"We purchased these misters because we believed in Bob. Our Customers love them because they provide a comfortable place to relax and stay cool after a night of dancing

Alan Pierce (owner), Round-Up Saloon Dallas, TX

"Our Customers and our Staff really appreciate these Misters. They provide a pleasant break from our hot Dallas nights

Gregory N. Kilhoffer (President/ CEO), Caven Enterprises, Inc.

"Purchased these beautiful gas torches, bar stools and fire pit rings. Great!

Timm Bauman, Savannah Developers Dallas, TX
Nov, 2012

"this site is great and easy to use

Vic Holifield, Dolphin Pools TX

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